Church Blog

3 03 2019

I used to question why Jesus spoke in parables and stories rather than just stating facts, but as I’ve increased the time I spend talking with and mediating on the things of the Lord, I’ve seen firsthand how using things that are common to us can bring a deeper understanding of spiritual principles. It happened the other day when I was thinking about my computer.


As we know, computers are made up of hardware and software. The hardware is the case and the physical pieces, but without software, the programming and data within, the hardware really doesn’t do us any good. Our lives are like a computer. We have hardware, our physical bodies, and software, our souls within. Unfortunately, we have each been born with corrupted software; sin, corrupted from humanity’s original system roll out. There is a fix that is available. It was very costly for God, our Manufacturer, but it is offered free of charge to those who want it. No one is required to download the fix God has made available; we can attempt to do our own upgrades and patches, but without the updated operating system software from our Manufacturer, we will never perform to our full potential.


If one chooses God’s software upgrade, He will download to our system a Component, the Holy Spirit, who will work internally behind the scenes, continually updating our system, weeding out the corrupted data and making it work better than anyone knew was possible. Even with our new Component, it will be necessary for us to stay regularly connected with our Manufacturer to keep our system from being hacked or infiltrated by viruses, and to allow the download of live updates and fixes that will keep our system running with fewer crashes.


Let us not spend our efforts obsessing over our hardware that will one day wear out, but instead let us set our focus on connecting with our Manufacturer, to receive His fix for our soul. This “fix” we need is Jesus; He was the only One without corrupted software and when He died and rose again it was like rebooting the software of humanity. His reboot with the new software has been made available to all.


One day our hardware will wear out and fail; it will have served its purpose. For those who chose to bypass the software rebuild, both their hardware and software will eventually end up in the incinerator. But for those who connected with their Manufacturer for the updated software and reboot, they will become part of a phenomenal new mainframe God is going to roll out and He will give them brand new hardware for their operating system, our soul, that will never wear out.



Cheri Cribbet

Women's Ministry Director